anpBC Strategy

BC's Aboriginal Non-Profit Workforce Initiative


Gathering - 2017 2017 Gathering of BC Aboriginal Non-Profit organizations. An opportunity for members of the BC Aboriginal Non-Profit sector to connect, collaborate, and learn about the resources developed in Phase Two of the anpBC Strategy.

The B.C. Aboriginal Non-Profit (ANP) sector is comprised of non-profit organizations whose mandate it is to service and support the Aboriginal community. There are hundreds of ANP organizations across B.C. providing services to Aboriginal populations in the areas of housing, employment, drug and alcohol treatment, health, sports and recreation, arts and culture, and child and family services.

Born out of a spirit of collaboration across this sector, the anpBC Strategy aims to support, sustain and uplift the ANP workforce so that the sector can continue to assist, heal and strengthen Aboriginal peoples and communities now and into the future.

About the anpBC Strategy

Phase One
Phase Two
Project 1: Mentorship and Elder Guidance
Project 2: Culture and Wellness
Project 3: Sector Pension Plan
Project 4: Holistic Retirement Planning
Project 5: Promotional Materials

Documents - anpBC Strategy Phase One

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Culture and Traditional Values in the Workplace

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Workplace Wellness and Balance

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Mentorship and Professional Development

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Pensions and Benefits             

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The Aboriginal Non-Profit Workforce Strategy

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