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Aboriginal people under the age of 25 make up almost half of the Aboriginal population in Canada. Young Aboriginal people are one of the fastest growing demographics in Canada today. This means that over the next several years, Canada will have high numbers of Aboriginal Youth seeking employment and education.

More Aboriginal Youth than ever before are completing high school, achieving post-secondary schooling, gaining employment, and participating in conferences and training. This demonstrates the hard work and dedication of the Aboriginal Youth and their families, communities, and friends to build a strong future for youth and for all Aboriginal people in Canada. Aboriginal Youth are leading the way into the future, and now is the time to equip Aboriginal Youth—YOU! — with the skills and knowledge to succeed in forming your future as the leaders of tomorrow.

Education & Bursaries

Education is critical to improving the social and economic strength of Aboriginal people.

Student Support Program

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First Citizens Fund Bursary

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Aboriginal Youth Internship Program

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Urban Native Youth Association


Providing young Aboriginal artists with opportunities to advance their artistic careers.

"SPARK provides me with a space in which I can come and explore myself through different artistic avenues."

The two great opportunities that I seized were acting class and music sessions. I learned at a rapid pace due to the loving environment that I was surrounded by. Also by all the food that was made for us!

Brilliant! I've never experienced a place like SPARK before, Now that I have, I strongly advocate for more places of the same nature to arise!!!!! Equipping and educating the youth with powerful tools is probably the most intelligent act one can do for their futures, their community and in the end, themselves.

Thanks everyone, Thanks SPARK, Chi'Migwetch!

22 year old Cree, young man, from Inuvik North West Territories

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Opportunities in the Arts

"Just look at me, because of SPARK I now have a full-time summer internship with Bard on the Beach! So cool! I don’t know where it will take me but I’m loving the opportunity to challenge myself and explore."

Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Eagle Project

Exploring and Acknowledging Guidance & Leadership through Employment

A traditional & practical job re-entry program

One of the youth came into the program homeless. During the program she learned to carve, paint, design and interact with the public. She left the program with her own guardianship, has her own apartment, and is currently working in the community as an artist.

Another youth came into the program unable to continue within the public school system because of diagnosed social anxiety disorder. She left the program and has finished her high school and is currently applying to art schools to further her art career.

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Eagle Project

EAGLE Project

The EAGLE project is a 12 week job re-entry program that teaches life skills, pre-employment and job readiness, delivered through traditional carving .

Hiiye'yu Lelum House of Friendship - Duncan, BC

Story Trails Project

The Initiative is working to link together Municipality of North Cowichan Forest Reserve lands in order to build a scenic forest loop trails on Maple Mountain while helping 31 young people gain skills training, work experience, dual high school/college credits, and life skills and confidence.

The objective of the Story Trails Program is to help young people increase their self-confidence and ignite their own initiative to begin to pedal toward exciting vocational goals. The diversity of skills, learning, social connections, and experiences that students will gain from participating in an intense and involved Initiative team are cross-transferable to diverse future education and employment endeavors. The most important outcomes of an Initiative class will be the student's increased self-confidence, the students learning to trust their community, and each student’s increased motivation to getting on with developing vocational skills.

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Story Trails Project

"Building scenic forest loop trails on Maple Mountain while gaining skills training, work experience, dual high school/college credits, and life skills and confidence."

Urban Partnerships


Wachiay Aboriginal Multimedia (WAMM) project featured on SHAW cable ARTS BEAT.

WAMM provides diverse digital media production services to Aboriginal communities across Canada.

The WAMM multimedia education program is a practice-related endeavor that combines design skills, hands on practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of communication technologies directed to youth in our community. hand in hand we help young people acquire the skill sets necessary to succeed in Canada's emerging multimedia technologies.


Arts Beat with Kate

Dynamic, evolving, rewarding and challenging, WAMM immerses students in this ever expanding field. Whether looking to make a career change or just getting one’s feet wet, our goal is to empower youth towards a rewarding and lucrative future.