Leading Indigenous Service Sector Training

Funding Goals

Leading Indigenous Service Sector Training (LISST) funding is available for Indigenous employee training and development to increase the number of skilled Indigenous workers in the social services sector.
Funding will be prioritized to:
  • Build capacity within the Indigenous social service sector
  • Provide access to accredited training programs for not-for-profit Indigenous organizations
  • Meet the challenges of recruiting and retaining a skilled Indigenous workforce
To apply for training funds on behalf of an individual, the application is here: LISST Individual Application
To apply for training funds on behalf of a cohort, the application is here: LISST Cohort Application
For a prompt response, please email lisst@bcaafc.com.
For other inquiries call 250-388-5522 ext. 240.


  • Applicants are accepted on a continual basis until March 17th, 2022
  • All LISST training and reporting must be completed by April 15th, 2022

LISST Programs and Training Eligibility

Examples of eligible programs and certifications include:
  • Indigenous-specific anti-violence training
  • Resilience and change management training
  • Governance training
  • Succession planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Grant writing
  • Business writing
  • Management and HR training
  • Project management
  • Communications, branding/marketing training
  • Statistics and data-management training
  • Payroll and accounting proficiency (SAGE etc.)
  • Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point) training
  • Housing and property management
Non-eligible examples include:
  • Sole-proprietor/contractor training
  • Cultural safety training
  • Personal development and life skills acquisition
  • Membership fees
  • Re-certification fees (i.e. Social Work recertification)
  • Pre-employment certifications (Serving It Right, WHMIS – funding for these is available through other programs)

LISST Applicant Eligibility

This funding opportunity is open to Indigenous not-for-profit social service organizations in BC.
Eligible organizations may partner with each other to deliver joint training opportunities for staff.
All recipients of training through this funding must be Indigenous, and must be currently employed by the applicant or applicant partner organization.
Eligible organizations may apply through two options:
  • Up to $10,000 for the training and certification of Indigenous staff cohorts
  • Up to $2,500 for the training and certification of individual Indigenous employees
In addition to the above requirements: 
  • Eligible organizations may submit one application for cohort funding and one application for individual funding per fiscal year
  • Recipient organizations who do not meet completion of training minimums will not be eligible to re-apply
  • Recipient organizations who do not submit required reporting will not be eligible to re-apply
  • Requests for funding greater than the stated eligible amounts will be submitted to the LISST Advisory committee for quarterly review and approval
Eligibility checklist:
  • Applicant must be an Indigenous not-for-profit organization in BC
  • All recipients of the applicable training must be Indigenous
  • All recipients of the applicable training must be employed by the applicant or applicant partner organization
  • Applicant has not already applied for LISST funding this fiscal year
  • Returning applicants: prior LISST funding agreements have been fulfilled

LISST Application Requirements

All applications must include an official quote or invoice from a qualified training institution (orgs with a proven track record of at least 5 years of program delivery).
All applications will outline the dates and duration of the proposed training.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Low completion rates for approved training may impact future applications.
Applications that demonstrate the following will rank highest:
  • Programs and certifications which address gaps in accredited skills training
  • A well-defined need for the training, plan for implementation, and description of the barriers it will help to reduce
  • A large number of Indigenous people benefitting from this training
  • Partnerships between organizations which enhance participation

Critical Supports

LISST funding priority is coverage of the direct costs of courses and certifications.
As the majority of training and certifications will be on-line due to COVID-19, travel and related supports should be greatly reduced at this time.
If critical supports are required in order to offer this training, and can’t be covered by the applicant (for example, basic salary coverage for an essential position which can’t otherwise be covered), some supports may be considered for inclusion as a part of the basic eligible amounts of $2,500 for individuals and $10,000 for cohorts.
Please contact lisst@bcaafc.com to discuss eligible support types and amounts in relation to direct training costs.

Fund Disbursement & Conditions

Requests for funding of up to $1,000 greater than the stated eligible amounts will be considered for approval by the BCAAFC LISST Program Administrator.
Requests for funding over $1,000 greater than the eligible amount will be submitted to the LISST Advisory Committee for quarterly review and approval.
Multi-Course certifications will require ongoing submission of course completions, link provided by BCAAFC upon approval.
Due to limited funding, not all applicants will be selected if eligible applications exceed availability.
Organizations that have not received LISST funding may be considered over past recipients.
Funds will be awarded by:
  • Reimbursement on submission of receipts showing method and proof of purchase
  • Direct billing by the BCAAFC on behalf of the applicant organization


Funding recipients will be required to submit on-line final reports to the BCAAFC within a month of the training conclusion. One report is for individuals who received training and the other is for the organizations leadership.
Click here for LISST Trainee Reporting
Click here for LISST Organization Leadership Reporting
Reporting includes:
  • Email copies of certifications received
  • Description of skills acquired
  • Number of professionals receiving training
  • Impact of training on individual and organizational capacity
  • Relevant photos of training activities
  • Short narrative success story
  • Feedback on the LISST program and process
BCAAFC will compile an annual report containing stats, photos, and success stories in April 2022.