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Coming Soon: Safe Space, an online application for patients and providers to report their experiences of discrimination, stereotyping and racism in health care.
The app will be available on the BCAAFC website this fall 2020.
Participate in the independent investigation of Indigenous-specific discrimination in the BC health care system
by sharing your experiences through: an online survey, by email, or by phone, before August 6, 2020 4pm PDT.

Anti-Indigenous Racism in BC

Anti-Indigenous racism within BC occurs at interpersonal (individuals), organizational (workplace culture), and systemic (wider public policies and processes) levels.

There is a lack of accountability at all levels when it comes to monitoring for anti-Indigenous racism, and taking action to intervene and eliminate it.

Often the internal processes for monitoring racism within organizations function primarily to defend organizational image, rather than as a mechanism to identify harm and facilitate change.

Racist “game” played by hospital staff in British Columbia is unacceptable, say Indigenous health leaders
On June 19, 2020, the BCAAFC and Métis Nation BC issued a press release calling upon the Ministry of Health to accept four recommendations following reports of a racist game played by hospital staff in BC:
  1. A public inquiry into Indigenous specific racism in health care in B.C with a focus on hospitals and emergency departments.
  2. Ensure that all front-line staff are required to take mandatory First Nations, Métis and Inuit training that results in increased health professional personal accountability in the delivery of safe health care.
  3. Commit to structural and systemic changes to dismantle indigenous specific racism to ensure culturally safe health care experiences for Indigenous people.
  4. Ensure that Indigenous governments play a stronger role in the development and implementation of anti-racism programs and training throughout BC.

The press release stimulated conversations among patients and providers, who recounted their own experiences of racism and discrimination within the BC health care system. Many Indigenous people indicated that they felt there was no way for them to safely report an incident or, if they did report it, that their report was not taken seriously by health care providers.

There is currently no centralized reporting centre for anti-Indigenous racism, and there are limited statistics available on racism reported in the BC health care system.

The incidents that are reported do not represent the true pervasiveness of anti-Indigenous racism due to barriers that prevent Indigenous peoples from reporting their experiences (British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, 2020).

Providing a Safe Space for Indigenous people to report racist incidents, and creating a process that holds individuals, organizations and institutions accountable, is critical to changing the policies, practices and processes that continue to uphold anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination.

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