Training Application: Developing Human Potential

Developing Human Potential: The Future of Human Resource Management

May 28, 2021 with Royal Roads University
*For staff managers*
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To apply:
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To build a healthy and sustainable organizational foundation, we must revisit and revise what it means to manage human resources. When we shift the perspective of HR from managing people as resources to cultivating individual, team and cultural potential, we shift what is possible for organizational health and sustainability. This one-day practical and applied workshop will explore the tools, skills and perspectives necessary to develop human potential in today’s dynamic organizational context.
  • Investigate new frameworks for exploring existing leadership challenges
  • Build employee capacity: Learn tools and skills to move from manger to coach
  • Develop key leadership competencies to manage skillfully in rapidly changing environments
  • Explore the impact of Positive Psychology on HRM
  • Understand and apply values-based hiring practices
  • Apply a strengths-based approach to performance management
  • Build the connection, conversation and communication capacity for helping the organization realize vision and values
  • Begin important conversations, set commitments, and continue to build connection between Friendship Centres.
What to expect:
  • Custom-designed, evidence-based approach
  • Leading-edge research, practice, and theory in leadership development
  • Expert facilitation by a Leadership Educator with 20 years’ experience
  • Practical strategies that participants can easily incorporate into their professional and personal lives
  • New tools and skills
  • Strategies for keeping momentum & applying training in everyday
I care deeply about what it means to have a healthy human mind in stressful times.
For over twenty years I’ve been working at the intersection of leadership development and mindfulness training. What that means is that I help leaders—at all levels—lead by developing healthy mind states.
As a Leadership Educator specializing in Mindfulness and Organizational Effectiveness, and Associate Faculty with Royal Roads University, Patricia has accumulated over 20 years and 10, 000 hours teaching People Leaders.
An organizational expert with an academic background in Psychology and Business and Graduate degree in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University, Patricia draws upon her passion for leadership development & mindfulness, along with her direct organizational experience to create original, evidence-based, customized training and facilitation.
After working in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations in both private and public sectors – including auto manufacturing, public service & biotech – , Patricia began teaching Leadership and Management with B.C.I.T’s School of Business in 2000, and has since dedicated herself to creating and delivering relevant and authentic Leadership Education with a focus on cultivating minds and healthy organizations.
As Associate Faculty with the Justice Institute of British Columbia’s Centre for Leadership, Patricia spent 15 years designing and delivering original core Leadership curriculum for the successful Foundations of Effective Management and Leadership program, now the Certificate in Applied Leadership.
Patricia has two decades of mindfulness meditation experience and is one of few Canadian Instructors of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) fully certified though the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts Medical School.
In September of 2016 Patricia was awarded the Kelly Outstanding Teaching Award from Royal Roads University for outstanding workshop facilitation.