Bullying and Harassment In an Indigenous Workplace

Bullying and Harassment in an Indigenous Workplace

September 15-16, 2021 with Camosun College
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The Elders tell us that we must respect all things, the land, others, and ourselves. When we forget
the teaching, we may be in a situation where we are experiencing or seeing another experience
bullying and/or harassment. We all have a right to work in an environment free from intimidation
and a responsibility to ensure our con
duct contributes to a positive, respectful, and safe work
Part One of this workshop starts with participants connecting to their own values and the values
of their organization. It then moves to creating understanding on what bullying and harassment
are and what it is not, with specific reference to the WorkSafeBC respect in the workplace
requirements. It will outline what steps to take if you or another are the targets of bullying and
the role you can take to create a positive and supportive work culture.
In Part Two, you will examine your organizational policy and develop some creative strategies
guided by your values to ensure workplace bullying prevention. This is an opportunity for
participants to share their existing policies and possibly spark a conversation will be started to
outline possible processes to update existing policies to align with traditional values and practices
if this has not already been completed.
Learning Outcomes
  • To provide information and resources for BCAAFC staff and managers to recognize the
    impacts of bullying and harassment in the workplace and help them develop the
    knowledge, skills, and abilities to create and maintain harassment-free workplaces.
  • Lead, facilitate and support Program Managers and Staff in tailoring their policies to reflect
    Indigenous organizational values that prevent bullying (lateral violence) and harassment
    and develop an outline for administrative processes or approaches to support and maintain
    a supportive workplace.
On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
Part One: Preventing Bullying and Harassment in an Indigenous Workplace (3hrs)
  • Identify personal and organizational values and discuss alignment with traditional values
  • Outline the provincial legislation meant to prevent bullying and harassment in the
  • Identify what bullying and harassment are and are not
  • Describe why bullying might happen in an Indigenous organization
  • Describe whose responsibility it is to create supportive, inclusive, and productive
Part Two: Creating Supportive and Productive Indigenous Workplaces (3hrs)
  • Describe the values and culture that your organization has formally articulated.
  • Review your organizations’ policy on bullying and harassment
  • Articulate the formal process that employees can follow if they are experiencing
    bullyingand/or harassment.
  • Identify the behaviors that are supportive in your workplace and those that are not
  • Collectively draft a commitment that outlines how your team will work
    together tosupport each other in a positive and productive manner
  • Identify potential resources that will support personal awareness and healing.
  • Individual workbooks for participants – provided electronically