Human Resources Foundations

Human Resources Best Practices

November 2-3 with Royal Roads University
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This course will cover the below range of topics. It will also include templates for each section.
Provide learners with an understanding of the recruitment and selection process to ensure the people being hired meet Friendship Centre needs and fit with the culture.
  • Understand your role in recruitment and how to apply the recruitment process.
  • Evaluate costs of recruitment and turnover.
  • Identify the link between job descriptions, job ads and recruitment
  • Develop skills to execute selection of candidates to interview and hire.
Onboarding & Orientation
Provide learners with an understanding of introducing and welcoming new employees and helping them experience a good start.

Provide learners with an understanding of the importance of feedback, coaching and performance discussions.
  • Foundations for performance – understand job, expectations, milestones, how to assess.
  • Coaching, feedback and development strategies.
  • GROW coaching model.
  • Fierce and open conversations.
This unit will provide learners with an understanding of celebrating achievements through consistent feedback and acknowledgement of others to stimulate productivity, performance, self‐esteem, and contribution.
  • Increase knowledge on how to recognize performance and efforts.
  • Celebrate successes and achievements.
  • Recognition strategies.
  • Link celebration with Friendship Centres mission and vision and feedback / performance.