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Project Management Essentials

June 6-30 2022,  3hrs a week for 4 weeks – with Royal Roads University
Mondays 1-4pm
(delivered online via Moodle Platform and Zoom)  
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Project Management Essentials weaves the art and science of project management in a dynamic course that enables multi-disciplinary team members to deliver projects in scope, on time, and on budget. The power of this course is immersion in a realistic project; participants will be organized into teams and collaborate in real-time as they learn, apply and master the concepts of Project Management. This interactive approach will provide you with a solid understanding and opportunity to practice team dynamics and communication in a learning environment. Through shared leadership, you will master the terminology, processes and knowledge areas that will enable you to engage and optimize team resources for great results. From “concept to cash”, teams will initiate, plan and work their project, and develop a method to evaluate its benefits upon implementation.  
Topics Covered:  
  • Understand the Life Cycle of Project Management and align the team’s project with the organization’s strategic goals 
  • Describe the three pillars of Project Management: Scope, Schedule and Budget; implement Change Request process when necessary 
  • Identify team’s shared Purpose and optimize Team Dynamics through a Team Charter (Agreement) that outlines its operating principles, including conflict management 
  • Develop Communication Strategies to engage people who are impacted by your team’s project 
  • Develop a Work Breakdown Schedule and implement Risk Management Plan 
  • Calculate Cost Estimates   
  • Monitor performance: apply a dynamic method to monitor progress and team performance; evaluate project outcomes 
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Build self-awareness and describe the five stages of group dynamics and their dysfunctions. Identify project team’s motivating factors such as its shared Purpose and Scope; ensure it is aligned with the current and future strategic goals of their organization 
  • Overcome challenges and conflictsthat arise when collaborating remotely 
  • Analyze project’s impact on people and intended benefactors, and engage them through communication strategies 
  • Establish and co-create project’s Work Breakdown Schedule, align task dependencies and estimate costs within project’s Budget 
  • Empower and motivate team members through effective and dynamic performance management 
  • Recognize individual/team a
Time Requirements: 
  • Real-time attendance during weekly 3-hour video-conference classroom (12 hours total) 
  • 24/7  self- and team-directed access to content, interactive knowledge checks, team break-out rooms and discussion forums (8 hours total)  
Computer Requirements: 
Prior to the course start date you will receive an email with information on how to access the online course. At that time you will receive instructions on the pre-work that needs to be completed prior to the course’s first classroom.
New to online learning? We encourage you to visit the short orientation video included in the course to familiarize yourself with our online learning platform.
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