Indigenous young people are one of the fastest growing populations in Canada today (Statistics Canada, 2017). This means the number of Indigenous youths seeking employment and education opportunities is on the rise.

We want to connect young Indigenous role models with the resources available to help them accomplish their goals. Resources include student grants and bursaries, education and training opportunities, and events that promote collaboration and expand their relations.

Funded by Service Canada, the 3C Challenge is an opportunity for Indigenous youth, ages 15 to 29, to develop their business skills and explore their entrepreneurial spirit. Each participant will gain a deeper understanding of how they can connect culture, community, and commerce to support their success.

What the challenge includes:

  • A three-day business skills training workshop—covering topics on product development, marketing, financial literacy and teamwork.
  • The opportunity to work within a small team to create and implement a business plan for a marketable product or service.
  • A $1,000.00 interest free micro-loan to help each team make their plan a reality.
  • A community mentor who will provide advice and guidance for the first 30-days of each team’s business plan.

What you need:

  • A desire to learn and expand your business skillset.
  • A positive attitude and open-mindset for team collaboration.
To register for an upcoming challenge, or any questions, please contact:

Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council (PAYC) 
  • Represents youth voices at a provincial level
  • Implements province-wide initiatives to benefit Indigenous youth
  • Provides a network of communication connecting youth to the Friendship Centre Movement
  • Encourages and supports BC Friendship Centres to develop strong local youth councils
  • Acts as a liaison between Friendship Centre youth councils, PAYC, and the BCAAFC Board of Directors
  • Co-hosts the annual Gathering Our Voices (GOV) Indigenous Youth Leadership Training event with the BCAAFC, local Friendship Centre and Nations
Council Members
  • Shyla Elgie, Youth Representative on BCAAFC Board of Directors
  • Elijah Mack-Stirling, Special Projects
  • Zoe George, BC Representative to National Youth Council (NAFC)
  • Diana Charlie-Iraheta, Unified Aboriginal Youth Collective (UAYC) Representative

Gathering Our Voices is a youth event held annually in BC. The event is co-hosted by the BCAAFC; the Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council (PAYC); and the local Friendship Centre.

The main goal of GOV is to create a supportive space for Indigenous youth to learn new skills, build relationships, and make cultural connections among their peers. The event is a celebration of Indigenous youth across Canada—recognizing their leadership skills, ambition, and ability to shape the future.

The location of GOV changes each year to increase the accessibility of the event to youth in different regions around the province. Collaboration is a key part of the GOV planning process and each year the GOV Co-Hosts look forward to connecting with the host nations and community members to ensure the event is a success.

Does GOV sound like something you want to be a part of? Visit the Gathering Our Voices website to find out more!