Board of Directors

The BCAAFC’s Executive Committee includes seven voting officers elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, including a representative from the Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council (PAYC).
There are also two non-voting advisors, the BCAAFC Executive Director and an Elder Advisor from the BCAAFC’s Elders Council.
The Executive Committee volunteers their time to advise and work with the BCAAFC on the membership’s strategic direction and building relationships with government and other stakeholders to improve the quality of life for Indigenous Peoples in BC.

Board Members

Annette Morgan, President (Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre)
Rosanna McGregor, Vice President (Cariboo Friendship Centre)
Kari Hutchison, Treasurer (Victoria Native Friendship Centre)
Cal Albright, Secretary (Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Centre)
Jadyn Rae McLean, Youth Representative (Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre)
Cyndi Stevens, NAFC BC Representative (Port Alberni Friendship Center)
Tami Omeasoo, Director (Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society)
Carol Camille, Director (Lillooet Friendship Centre Society)
Shirley C Ivanauskas-Ward, Director (Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association)
Tony Goulet, Director (Quesnel Tillicum Society )