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More than half of Indigenous peoples in Canada live in urban centres. Urban Programming for Indigenous Peoples (UPIP) was created in 2017, based on feedback received during the engagement on the Urban Aboriginal Strategy that took place in 2016.

UPIP is designed to assist First Nations (status and non-status), Inuit and Métis living in or transitioning to urban centres. Click here for non-Friendship Centres to access INAC’s new UPIP program.

The BCAAFC administers funding to our 25 Friendship Centres across two streams of UPIP funding: Organizational Capacity and Program & Services.

Organizational Capacity

Organizational Capacity (OC) funding provided through the Federal Government, provides core dollars to support key positions within the Friendship Centres and to help cover costs of core expenses such as rent, utilities, ED Travel, etc.  Friendship Centres must be members of both the BCAAFC and the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) to be eligible to apply for this funding.

Each year Friendship Centres will submit an Annual Action Plan, and quarterly reporting reflecting the work being done, and support provided to the Centre from the Organizational Capacity funding.

Program & Services

Program & Services (P&S) is project based funding for all Friendship Centres in BC that submit a qualified and approved project proposal.

The goal of P&S is to fund and support activities that will allow Indigenous organizations to serve clients, and to deliver effective culturally appropriate programs/services to urban Indigenous peoples as well as invest in local stakeholder coalitions across Canada.

P&S will fund projects that support new and existing general programs and services that serve urban Indigenous peoples that address locally-identified issues, provided that they are not already funded or eligible to be funded by other departments or government.

The 2018/19 fiscal is the first full year of Program & Services funding.  Check back in the fall for updates on success stories and updates on Friendship Centre projects.

P&S Funding Streams

ex. projects to help women transition out of shelters

Vulnerable Populations

ex. projects for persons with addictions, disabilities, and seniors


ex. projects that provide land-based activities, and mentoring

Transition Services

ex. navigation services


ex. cultural awareness training for non-indigenous organizations

Community Wellness

ex. housing plans or studies, anti-racism, and pre-employment supports

Downloads: Final Reporting due April 23, 2020