Path Forward Community Fund

About the Fund  

The objective of the Path Forward Community Funds is to increase community safety planning and capacity building to ensure the self-determination of Indigenous communities in addressing Indigenous-specific systemic causes of gender-based violence.
The distribution of medium-sized grants will be guided by diverse Indigenous people(s) who will serve on the adjudication committee that reflect the various regions, on-and off-reserve, disabled community members, 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities, and Elders and youth, First Nations, Inuit, Métis, and non-status communities. The Path Forward Community Fund will be accessible to First Nations communities, urban / off-reserve communities, Métis and 2SLGBTQQIA+ communities.
The Path Forward funds eligible activities include:  
  • Building capacity;
  • Hosting engagement and facilitation;
  • Support the development of crisis response plans;
  • Materials for communication plans;
  • Information sharing and tools to navigate the justice and public safety systems;
  • Culturally appropriate safety training; and
  • Cultural support and healing.
Applicant Eligibility Requirements
This funding is open to any of the following Indigenous agencies and communities in B.C.:
  • Applicant(s) identified as Indigenous organization(s);
  • Applicant(s) identified as a First Nations, Bands, and/or Tribal Councils, Treaty First Nation Governments;
  • Métis Chartered Communities;
  • Métis organizations or services providers; and
  • Urban / off reserve Indigenous organization/communities(s).


Path Forward Community Fund – Application window has now closed. Thank you for applying!
Please forward all  correspondence and inquiries to the following:
Emilie Luhowy
Path Forward Assistant
Phone: (250) 388-5522 Ext. 231

Please download the application form to your computer to fill out and complete. The PDF form can be completed using the ‘Fill & Sign’ function on the Adobe Acrobat Reader desktop application. Download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here:


The Path Forward Fund project evaluator is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of programs and services. The project evaluator will assess the impact of programs, make recommendations for improvement, and provide feedback to program coordinator and team lead. Program evaluators are a critical part of any organization’s success. The project evaluator will be responsible for providing objective and unbiased evaluations of programs, services, and activities to ensure that they are meeting their stated goals and objectives.



The Path Forward Fund Projector Evaluator duties involve but are not limited to formulating a project reporting template collecting data and making decisions based on reporting provided by the project participants. The reporting and evaluation process is critical to ensuring that projects are meeting their goals and objectives in order to maximize the impact of resources.


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