Annual Reports

Read our 2022-23 Annual Report
The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres works for its 25 Friendship Centres. That will always be our goal.
We advocate and engage and work to ensure our members are informed, supported, and able to care for and support their communities.
All of the excellent and important work you can read about in this report is fueled by the collective action of our staff, members, volunteers, and partners.
We lead by example. We do what we say we are going to do—and we do it well. Read the 2022-23 BCAAFC Annual General Report here.

Partnership Reports

The Road to Safety: Indigenous Survivors in BC Speak Out against Intimate Partner Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic 2022
BCAAFC and BWSS, in partnership with the University of Victoria, engaged in a community-based research project involving surveys and first-hand interviews to understand, raise awareness, and engage in advocacy about the experiences of intimate partner violence that Indigenous women and gender diverse people are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Community Social Services Round Table Government Transfers Review White Paper 2022
‘Setting Up a Solid Foundation’: Exploring the Capacity of Indigenous Not-for-Profit Early Learning and Child Care Programs in British Columbia 2020
Social Services Labour Market Research Project 2020