Doulas for Aboriginal Families

Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program

The Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP) is offered by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, First Nations Health Authority, and the BC Ministry of Health. The goal of the program is to increase healthy birth outcomes for Indigenous families by removing the cost barrier to accessing doula services.
The grant program provides Indigenous families living in BC up to $1,200.00 (maximum) of coverage for full spectrum doula support with each pregnancy.
Since 2013, the DAFGP has funded +2,600 pregnancies, and currently has +440 registered doulas, including +111 Indigenous doulas.

Updated Form System

Please note we have changed the form system to Docusign.
Doulas offer a variety of services and support. It is important to talk to your doula about what best fits your unique needs, this could include:
  • Provide hands-on emotional, physical, and spiritual support during pregnancy, labour and after birth.
  • Advocate for your right to make decisions about your body and baby.
  • Help with developing a birth plan and answering questions.
  • Provide pain management techniques and comfort measures during labour.
  • Offer assistance with feeding and caring for newborns
  • And much more!
To qualify for the grant, applicants must:
1. Be of Indigenous descent (First Nation (status or non-status), Métis, and/or Inuit). Either the birthing person or their partner (if applicable).
2. Reside in BC (both on or off reserve).
If you qualify for the grant, you can find out more and apply here.