Provincial Funding

Provincial Capacity Funding

The Provincial Capacity (PROCAP) funding budget is used to improve the quality of resources at each Friendship Centre. Improvements may include upgrading infrastructure and information technology systems; human resource development; or increasing opportunities for cultural activities, programming, and economic development.

Eligible expenditures are limited to:

  • Salaries and employee benefits
  • Professional fees
  • Honoraria
  • Training and development
  • Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Capital renovations and repairs up to $15,000

Friendship Centres interested in PROCAP funding must submit a PROCAP Application to the BCAAFC. Approved applicants are required to submit interim reporting and final reporting using the templates provided.

First Citizens Fund- Friendship Centre Program

The goal of First Citizens Fund – Friendship Centre Program (FCF-FCP) funding is to assist with each Friendship Centres’ range of social, recreational and cultural programming delivered to Indigenous people living in urban areas. Up to $20,160 is available for each Friendship Centre to meet these goals.


The application deadline for 2020 funding is now closed.

Please check back for the 2021 funding application deadlines.

FCF-FCP Application – Download

Please check back for reporting templates