The Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP), delivered by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, provides financial support to Indigenous families for full spectrum doula services.
The goal of the program is to increase healthy birth outcomes for Indigenous families by removing the cost barrier to accessing doula supports and bringing the birthing process closer to home.
In order to support Indigenous families through the DAFGP, doulas must submit a completed Doula Registration Form and provide the following:
1. Completion of formal training or a community reference letter (download template)
2. Current and clear Criminal Records Check – Vulnerable Sector Check
3. Signed agreement to uphold the Statement of Practice of the program
4. For all non-Indigenous doulas, the completion of a cultural safety training. If you are yet to complete a cultural safety training, or if you are interested in a cultural safety training specific to birth work, we offer an online DAFGP cultural safety training free of charge. This training take approximately 2-3hrs to complete.
Please allow up to two weeks for processing. Doulas must receive confirmation of approval before accepting clients through the DAFGP.

Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant

Once doulas are approved, families who are eligible can apply for the grant to obtain doulas services. We ask that doulas work closely with families in order to complete the Family Application Form, so together, you can plan the doula care and ensure all needs and expectations are met.
Within two weeks of completing services, doulas must submit a birth story summary and DAFGP Invoice. The total must not exceed $1,200 per pregnancy. Any amount exceeding $1,200 will not be reimbursed and must be discussed with the client prior. Families must review and sign these documents before doulas submit them for processing.

Travel Grant

The DAFGP provides travel grants in order to increase access to doula services to Indigenous families. Funding for travel is based on a first come, first served policy until program dollars are fully disbursed.
Travel grants are available for doulas to:
a) Accompany a client giving birth in a hospital or home birth accompanied by a Midwife
b) Provide prenatal and postpartum visits to a client (coverage for ground travel only)
c) Attend doula trainings
To apply for funding, doulas are required to submit the Travel Grant Form (travel estimate) and a short rationale for your request. The BCAAFC must pre-authorize all travel, otherwise expenses will not be covered.
Doulas will be required to resubmit the Travel Grant Form (travel claim) confirming expenses (which may differ slightly from the estimate) with supporting receipts attached within 30 days from the date of return.