First Citizens Fund

FCF | Who’s eligible?* 

· Indigenous post-secondary student (status, non-status, Métis, Inuit) in financial need

· Permanent resident in BC for at least six months at time of application
International students are not eligible unless a part of a BC program, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

· Registered full-time (see below) in a minimum two-year academic program at a BC recognized post-secondary institution
– Undergraduate students, full-time: three full-credit courses per term;
– Students with a disability affecting academic performance, full-time: two full-credit courses per term;
– Graduate students, full-time: a letter from your academic supervisor confirming progress at a full-time level

*A minimum 2.5 GPA or C+ grade equivalent for each semester of the term

FCF | Application checklist:

From your post-secondary institution

· Your official transcript at the end of each semester of the term: MUST be submitted at the end of each term to qualify

· A completed, signed and dated application form for the proper academic year

· Proof of full-time registration

· Graduate students: a letter from your academic advisor and their contact information on the academic institution’s letterhead

Letters of support

· A letter written by the applicant on ancestry, family background, education, employment history, and career or academic goal

Supporting documents

· Evidence of Indigenous ancestry

· Students with a disability affecting academic performance (one of the following): a medical certificate from a licensed practitioner; a learning disability assessment; a verification of permanent disability form (signed and certified by the prescribing practitioner.

Please send your applications to:
Phone: (250) 388-5522

*Funding is limited, not all students may be funded. Partial funding may be provided.