Post-Secondary Student Support

PSSSP | Who’s eligible?

· Northwest Territory or Nunavut Inuit students who have been residing in British Columbia for 12 consecutive months

· British Columbia registered members who do not have band membership or an affiliation with a band (BC General List)

· Status Indian students who are affiliated with a BC First Nation as indicated on status card but do not have band membership

PSSSP | Application checklist: 

· Completed and signed application form (four pages)

· Documentary proof that you meet the eligibility criteria (Northwest Territory or Nunavut Inuit students or BC First Nation students)

· Verification of dependents claimed (birth certificate)

· Courses outlines and approximate fees for the applicable program

· Proof of acceptance or conditional acceptance into a post-secondary program of studies

Please send your applications to:
Phone: (250) 388-5522

*Funding is limited, not all students may be funded. Partial funding may be provided.