Post-Secondary Student Support

Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP)

The Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) provides eligible First Nations students with funding to access education opportunities at the post-secondary level, including university and college entrance preparation programs.

Who is Eligible?

– First Nation students who are registered Status Indians
and do not have band membership, and are thus ineligible to apply for funding through their band
– Must be a BC resident, who has resided in BC for a minimum of 12 consecutive months

A complete application includes:

Applications for PSSSP must be completed and submitted to the Education Coordinator at BCAAFC by 5:00pm on the application deadline. A complete application includes:
1. Application Form – completed and signed
2. A copy of your Status Card – front and back
3. Proof of Acceptance/Enrollment – from the post-secondary institution you will be attending
4. Cost of Tuition, Books, and Fees – for each semester that you are applying for PSSSP funding for
5. Verification of any Dependents Claimed – (i.e. birth certificates, marriage certificate if applicable)
Successful applicants must submit the following documents as soon as they are made available:
Proof of Registration – for the upcoming semester
Official Transcripts – official transcripts from your most recent schooling

[Click here for the PSSSP Application Form for 2021-2022]

Application Deadlines

July 1, 2021 – for students applying for the Fall & Winter semesters (September-December 2021 & January-April 2022)
March 31, 2022 – for students applying for the Summer 2022 semester (May-August 2022)

How is Funding Allocated?

This funding is intended to increase access to post-secondary education for eligible students, thus our priority is to cover the costs of tuition, fees, and books for as many applicants as possible.  If there are remaining funds, we will then look to provide a living allowance to successful applicants based on financial need.  The living allowances are meant to be supplementary, they are not meant to cover all living expenses or to replace a regular full-time employment income.
*Please note: funding is limited, not all students may be funded, and partial funding may be awarded.


Please forward all applications, correspondence, and inquiries to the following:
Brooke Shaughnessy, Education Coordinator
Phone: (250) 388-5522 Ext. 216
BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres – Education
551 Chatham Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1E1