Gaming Grants

An organization may apply for Community Gaming Grants under six funding streams:

  • Arts and Culture (Apply from Feb 1 to Apr 30)
  • Sports (Apply from Mar 1 to May 31)
  • Environment (Apply from Jul 1 to Aug 31)
  • Human and Social Services (Apply from Aug 1 to Nov 30)
  • Public Safety (Apply from Jul 1 to Aug 31)
  • Parent Advisory Councils (Apply from Apr 1 to Jun 30)

Capital Projects

A portion of the Community Gaming Grants program budget is reserved for capital projects undertaken by non-profit organizations that have a total cost of more than $20,000.
Viable capital projects include:
  • Facilities
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Acquisitions

Not sure if you qualify for funding under the Community Gaming Grants program?

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