The Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP) provides grants to increase access to full spectrum doula services for Indigenous families residing in BC (on and off reserve).
Doulas can provide support to people during the full spectrum of pregnancy and beyond – from conception, to miscarriages, stillbirths, adoptions, births, the postnatal period, and everything in between.  Doulas help birthing parents and their families communicate their expectations, hopes, and concerns so that they feel supported and comfortable with their decisions.

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To apply for the grant, click green button and follow the steps outlined below.
Find a doula registered with the DAFGP through our Doula Finder; or ask your doula to register with the DAFGP. Doulas must be registered before the Family Registration Form can be processed.
Each family is encouraged to look for a doula that best fits their unique needs, this may involve contacting multiple doulas before deciding. See Family Resources for help finding the right doula for your family.
With your DAFGP registered doula, fill out the Family Application Form. As part of the form, a breakdown of the estimated budget is required to help you plan your doula care and gain clarity on the services provided.
Submit the completed application forms to the Doula Program Coordinator.
Please allow up to two (2) weeks for processing. Doulas should wait for approval prior to delivering services.
*If more than one doulas’ services are being used, each doula should submit a separate estimated budget for their services. The maximum total coverage of $1,200.00 per pregnancy still applies if more than one doulas’ services are used.
Following all doula services, your doula will complete an invoice. You must review and sign these documents in order for your doula to submit them.
Doulas are reimbursed directly by the BCAAFC. Unless a family has requested services exceeding the $1,200.00 maximum, you should not be required to make any financial payments for the approved doula services.
You may be contacted by the Doula Program Coordinator following the completion of services with your doula should you wish to provide feedback or offer suggestions to the program.
*If more than one doula’s services are used, each doula should submit a separate invoice for all of their services (together, both invoices must not exceed $1,200.00).

*Under Construction*

Please note we have changed the form system to Docusign. Click on the green link to begin the family application form process.


DAFGP Program Assistant –  Stephanie