Elders Programs & Initiatives

Elders share traditions, knowledge, cultures and values. We are proud to support a variety of programs and initiatives that celebrate our Elders and provide opportunities for them to share their knowledge and connect with others.

Elders Gatherings
43rd Annual BC Elders Gathering (July 23-24)

Funding for Elders
Elders Transportation Program Application Submit applications to: adminassist@bcaafc.com

  • Please note that, due to the fact that the Elders Gathering is approaching quickly, applicants sending applications after July 14th, 2019 will not receive their cheque before the gathering. Upon approval of your application, you will receive a letter that confirms your funding. 

Connecting Elders and Youth 
The Elders Don’t Bite workshop provides a supportive space for youth to connect with Elders and exchange knowledge and ideas. The annual Gathering Our Voices: Indigenous Youth Leadership Training event is a wonderful reflection of the positive impact this engagement has on youth.

Elders Abuse Awareness and Prevention 
Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15)—
Find out what your local Friendship Centre is doing to raise awareness for Elder abuse and uplift the Elders in your community.

Elders Council Members

The BCAAFC Elders Council advises the BCAAFC Board of Directors and provides guidance and support within the Friendship Centre communities. The Elders Council also plays a key role in engaging youth at social and cultural events.

Marge White ‘Na-cha-uks’ | Founding Member
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

Marge has volunteered her time and services to almost every Indigenous organization in the Vancouver area, many of which she was a founding member. Marge’s passion for improving the lives of Indigenous people has always guided her work. She has worked in many capacities throughout her life and is regarded by many as a dedicated advocate, trusted leader, and friend. Her social activism supports and empowers all those around her.

Basil ‘Buzz’ Morissette | Founding Member
Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society 

Buzz has contributed to the well-being of Indigenous people in BC for over 50 years; acting as founding member or serving on the board of directors of more than 15 organizations. Buzz is a role model for many young people who consider him a mentor and a trusted friend. He feels rewarded by his community service in knowing that his work is worthwhile if it makes a positive difference in the lives of even one individual.

Minnie Kenoras | Interior Region
Kamloops Aboriginal Friendship Society

Stanley Namox | Northwest Region
Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre Society

Laura Fortin | Lower Mainland Region
Fraser Region Aboriginal Friendship Centre Association

Wally Samuel | Vancouver Island Region
Port Alberni Friendship Centre

The Importance of Friendship | Past Elders Council Members