Indigenous Cultural Safety Self-Assessment

Indigenous Cultural Safety Self-Assessment

This survey is about Indigenous Cultural Safety in the workplace. It has seven sections: Demographics, Understanding Indigenous Cultural Safety, Awareness and Values, Knowledge and Understanding, Skills and Abilities, Your Workplace and Organization, and Promising Practices.

The questions are wide-ranging in scope and difficulty. For example, some items are about the impact of Canada’s colonial history on Indigenous people. Other questions ask about recognizing and responding to racism against Indigenous people in the workplace. The issues addressed in the survey are, indeed, quite complex.

Whether you provide direct services or work more behind the scenes, your perspective is important. You may not know all the answers, but your views on the issues matter.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in this survey. Your responses will help us at INSERT PROJECT in our effort to improve healthcare services for Indigenous people across BC.

Thank you!


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This self-assessment survey is for training purposes only. BCAAFC has permission to use and adapt this tool from the San'yas ICS Training Program. The purpose of the strategy is to create safe and equitable healthcare experiences for Indigenous patients and families, as well as safer workplaces for Indigenous employees. The results of this survey will help improve services for Indigenous people throughout the region.


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