Path Forward Application

Path Forward Community Fund Application

1.1 Organization Information

Please attach status documentation for non-profit organizations (e.g., articles of incorporation).

1.2 Applicant Information

2. Proposal Details

Must be completed by Sept 30, 2024
Maximum: $150,000

3.1 Project Focus

Please provide a summary of your project. You should include enough information to give the reviewers a clear understanding of how your project will help address Gender Based Violence for Indigenous women and LGBTQA2S+ people. (Word limit: 1,500)

3.2 Who will this help?

What communities will this project serve and what is the anticipated number of people who will benefit directly in each community?
Please explain the nature of the problem, how your proposed project will help address this issue, what the potential impact will be, and for whom. (Word limit: 2,000)

4. Projected Timeline & Work Plan

5. Partnership and Collaborations

Letters confirming partnerships need to be uploaded with the application.

6.1 Project Funding

6.2 Project Expenses

6.3 Other Allocated Funds

Please list other sources of confirmed and/or anticipated funding (cash and in-kind contributions) for the project.

7. Supporting Documents

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
(e.g., letters of support, audited financials)

8. Signature and Declarations

Signature of Financial authority:

i. I authorize that the information present in this application is true and accurate;

ii. I/we will be responsible for providing any information, activity reports, data, reporting of the requested Path Forward Community Fund affiliated project(s) to the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centers “BCAAFC” and/or have other agreed upon reporting document(s) in lieu of.

iii. I/we agree that the Path Forward Community Fund application above meets all of the eligibility requirements of all of the outlined Path Forward Community Fund policies, terms, and conditions. (TBA)

iv. I/we agree to use the monies allocated by the Path Forward Community Fund agreement for the purpose(s) of supporting a Path Forward to end violence against Indigenous Women, Girls, femme gender identities, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people(s).

v. I/we agree to provide Path Forward Community Fund activity reports.