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Mid-Point Evaluation

The objective of the Path Forward Community Fund is to increase community safety planning and capacity building to ensure the self-determination of Indigenous communities in addressing Indigenous-specific systemic causes of gender-based violence. The Path Forward Community Fund is accessible to First Nations communities, urban/off-reserve communities, Inuit, Métis and Indigenous 2SLGBTQQIA+ organizations.
There are three ways to complete this mid-point evaluation.
Option 1: Fill out this form in writing
Option 2: Upload a private YouTube/Vimeo link with a video answering all the questions in this evaluation
Option 3: Schedule a time to orally provide the answers to this evaluation. The phone call will be recorded for transcript purposes. To do so, please email
This mid-point evaluation will take about 5-15 minutes. We hope this mid-point evaluation provides an opportunity for you to reflect on the insights and learnings gained from the funded project so far. It is essential to hear feedback from you so we can incorporate key lessons into future phases of the project.

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4. Has there been a change in the activities outlined in your original application?
5. How is your project is addressing gender-based violence (GBV)? Select all that apply.