July 23rd, 2021

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) Evaluation Services for Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program

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The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres (BCAAFC) is requesting submission of proposals from experienced, qualified consultant(s) to conduct an evaluation of the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP) through research and engagement with current and past participants in the program.


Since 1972, the BCAAFC has been a leading provincial organization that exists to support the 25 Friendship Centres across BC. The BCAAFC works with Friendship Centres, partner organizations and governments to develop and improve resources that support the health, wellness and prosperity of the 80% of Indigenous peoples who live in urban and off-reserve areas. The BCAAFC is also responsible for delivering the DAFGP program, which provides Indigenous families with funding in order to remove the cost barrier to accessing doula services.
The DAFGP has over 300 doulas currently enrolled in the program. Meaningful engagement with participants and feedback integration is critical to ensuring doulas are adequately supported to deliver their services.


The primary task to be completed is the research into the regional needs and gaps for birth support through conducting engagement sessions:
Engage with past and current participants in the DAFGP Program; ensuring a diverse range of identities and experiences are reflected (i.e., rural, urban, LGBTQIA2S+, living on and off reserve, etc.)
Engage with the DAFGP Advisory Committee and DAFGP Knowledge Keepers.
Conduct research and collect data on existing birth support gaps and needs in each region, including data to support the need for wage parity and researching wage range through engagement with DAFGP doulas.
Determine an estimate of expected demand and growth of the DAFGP Program.
Compile feedback and research findings into a report that is to be utilized internally and integrated into external reports to program funders by the BCAAFC.


The following submission guidelines & requirements apply to this RFP:

3.1 Only qualified individuals or groups with prior experience on projects that relate to cultural safety should submit proposals in response to this RFP. The submission should highlight the following:

Experience engaging with Indigenous peoples and communities.
Experience organizing and facilitating engagement sessions.
Working knowledge of OCAP Principles.
Demonstrated experience developing and leading projects from conception to delivery.
Experience working in the field of reproductive, maternal and child health.

3.2 The proposal must include details on your most recent two projects relevant to proposed work.

3.3 The proposal must include two (2) references.

3.4 The proposal must include a schedule that clearly identifies milestones for deliverables, including a proposed engagement strategy.

3.5 Ideally consultants and consulting firms should be insured and bonded, but it is not required.


September 15, 2021 to December 15, 2021


$25,000.00 – FIXED


The BCAAFC reserves the right to:
Reject any proposals whether complete or incomplete.
Reject proposals that it considers to be not in its best interests.
Request further information.
Contact references provided.


The proposal shall be addressed to:
Julie Robertson, General Manager
551 Chatham Street | Victoria BC | V8T 1E1
PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY: Friday August 13, 2021 end of day.
SUBJECT LINE MUST INCLUDE: Proposal for Evaluation Services
All questions should be directed to Jacquie Snelling-Welsh at doulaprogram@bcaafc.com
Preference will be given to Indigenous-led teams.